FiNC HOME FiT Announced For Switch

Pocket have announced the fitness/training game FiNC HOME FiT for release on Nintendo Switch on October 29, priced at ¥6,050.

FiNC HOME FiT will be released for Nintendo Switch on October 29 at retail and on the eShop, priced at ¥6,150. The game will be published by Pocket (Kato Hifumi Kudan Kanshuu: Hifumin no Shogi Dojo, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling, and the Japanese version of the Overcooked Special Edition + Overcooked 2 double pack) and is under the supervision of FiNC, the No.1 downloaded app in Japan in the healthcare/fitness category, and featuring a total of 60 courses in the game’s training programme.

FiNC HOME FiT is developed by combining high aerobic exercise and training to balance the strength of the whole body, and is based on the movements made in various martial arts such as boxing, karate, muay thai and kung fu, and is aimed at people who wish to work out at home. The high fat burning effect is achieved by rhythm based movements made by the player with four virtual personal trainers also included to support target achievements. Check out the official website here with promo movie and introduction videos added below…

『FiNC HOME FiT』 promo movie(90 seconds)
『FiNC HOME FiT』 promo movie(30 seconds)
『FiNC HOME FiT』 promo movie(15 seconds)
『FiNC HOME FiT』 digest movie
Trainer introduction video①「Satsuki(CV Ayane Sakura)」
Trainer introduction video②「Takumi(CV Hiro Shimono)」
Trainer introduction video③「Christie(CV Marina Inoue)」
Trainer introduction video④「Matilda(CV Kotono Mitsuishi)」