Big Shoes Gustin' in the Desert

Big Shoes Gustin’ in the Desert

A new Ninji Speedrun course has begun in Super Mario Maker 2 with “Big Shoes Gustin’ in the Desert”. Full details posted below…

Super Mario Maker 2

The 11th Ninji Speedrun course has arrived in Super Mario Maker 2. Nab a Big Shoe Goomba’s big shoe and get steppin’! If you ground-pound while wearing a big shoe, you can blow away enemies that normally can’t be defeated and even topple multiple foes at once. Flaunt your favourite footwear, and find the fastest way to the finish!

Receive enough stamps on your Stamp Card to earn an outfit for your Mii, with a Ninji Cap for one stamp, a Ninji Shirt for four stamps, some Ninji Slacks for seven stamps, and some Ninji Garb for 10 stamps. Big Shoes Gustin’ in the Desert runs until 02:00 UTC on Wednesday, September 2nd. The 12th Ninji Speedrun course is also set to begin on Wednesday, September 16th.