Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Japanese Software Charts Weeks 32/33

The latest Japanese software charts sees Animal Crossing: New Horizons once again at number one! Check out the full top 10 below…

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) – 210,407
  2. Ring Fit Adventure (Switch) – 93,148
  3. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) – 47,083
  4. Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Switch) – 44,854
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – 41,895
  6. Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) – 40,067
  7. eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 (Switch) – 31,895
  8. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS.Maxiboost ON (PS4) – 28,243
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) – 22,482
  10. Pokémon Sword & Shield (Switch) – 22,450

Notes: Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Famicom (NES) in total hardware sales worldwide if adding in the global sales from June 30 (posted here), plus each weekly Japanese sales number since (in all likelihood, this target was achieved several weeks ago if American/European sales numbers were public matter).

Delayed numbers again due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also the Obon holidays. Above date thanks to Famitsu and is for the period August 3~August 16 (two weeks). Nintendo Switch hardware is at 322,027 units sold for the two weeks (259,765 for the original model and 62,272 for the Nintendo Switch Lite) and Nintendo 3DS hardware is at 2,007 (93 for the New 3DS LL and 1,914 for the New 2DS LL). New entries are bolded.

Apple image thanks to ENE. The only Nintendo Switch game releasing in week 33 is the Japanese packaged version of Ancestors Legacy. Week 34 sees the visual novel Cupid Parasite, the crab fighting action game Fight Crab, and the first-person adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet. This week’s full Nintendo-only data will soon be available at this link (usually posted on Fridays) and will include both this week’s numbers and lifetime-to-date numbers.