Eiyuden Chronicle Reaches Funding Milestone

Rabbit & Bear Studios have announced that Eiyuden Chronicle has cleared $3 million to become the most funded video game project in Japan.

In addition to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes becoming the most crowdfunded game ever in Japan, there will also be a 9th additional character added to the game, totalling 109. A new teaser video will also be added to this post later this week. You can still fund the project at this link and check out our original post here which includes a brief Q&A with the development team! Press release added below…

The Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter campaign has reached a new record in funding from Japanese supporters among any video game project to date since Kickstarter introduced the Japanese version of their popular crowdfunding platform in 2017.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has not only blown through its initial goal, but also cleared 24 additional Stretch Goals as it hit the 3 million USD mark. It is the 9th most funded video-game Kickstarter of all time and the most funded video game of all time from Japanese backers.

Yoshitaka Murayama, the creative director behind Eiyuden Chronicle stated this about the milestone:

“Eiyuden Chronicle is now the single most backed project by Japanese people ever. For this project, I want to take the fans’ passion and put it in the game—that’s how I feel. I’ve seen people on social media saying this is the first Kickstarter they have ever backed and it makes me so happy to see that passion and support. Anyone in the entertainment business probably feels the same way—they want to make as many people happy as possible. Usually it’s a feeling you get on release day when you sell your game, but with Eiyuden Chronicle, we are able to feel that even at this current phase. And you get to feel it directly from the fans’ voices which, again, is a great feeling. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support. It really does keep me going. So please join us on this two year journey of developing this game.”

In addition to the many Stretch Goals, Rabbit & Bear Studios has stated they will be adding a 9th additional character to the game, bringing the total number of characters to 109. 

“The 108th character was born through Stretch Goals. I’m sure some people are fond of this number, as am I. But that number was for Suikoden. While we have respect for the number 108, we choose to leave it here and go further. For this commemorable 109th character, we’d like to create a new character with everyone through a voting system. We genuinely hope everyone will continue this journey with us together,” stated Murayama about the new character’s addition.

The 109th character will be determined by fan selection in the Eiyuden Chronicle Discord channel (discord.gg/eiyuden) via a poll starting August 21st at Noon EST (9AM PST) and run for 24 hours. The concept art for the potential new character will be spread through the official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and fan-lead Reddit page this week.

Additionally, Rabbit & Bear Studios has announced a new teaser video coming at the end of the week.