Nintendo eShop Update Week 34

This week’s line-up of Nintendo eShop games coming to Japan including Cupid Parasite, Fight Crab, Journey to the Savage Planet, and more.

Available this week

Cupid Parasite
Idea Factory
¥7,150 (🇯🇵)
August 20, 2020

Cupid Parasite stars Lynette Miller who has run away from her family where she is on a mission to become the most successful bridal advisor in the world. Her employers Cupid Corp. want her to hook up five hapless romantics (parasites) on the TV show Parasite House, which also doubles up as a company infomercial.

Fight Crab
Calappa Games
¥2,400 (🇬🇧)
August 20, 2020

Fight Crab is a new 3D action game from the makers of Ace of Seafood where you take control of a crab, and fight off other giant enemy crabs. Physics allows for crabs to move powerfully and quickly in this hardcore battle arena. Freely control your pincers to use weapons and develop your own crab fighting style.

Journey to the Savage Planet
¥4,950 (🇬🇧)
August 20, 2020

The first-person adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet finally gets a Japanese release. The gane sees you employed by the fourth best interstellar space exploration company Kindred Aerospace where you (or you and a friend) must go out and determine whether the planet ARY-26 is fit for humans.

Arcade Archives Lightning FightersHamster¥838
Boomerang FuFlyhigh Works¥1,500
Chinese ParentsPLAYISM¥1,280
CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~Regista¥5,980
EARTHLOCKSnowcastle Games¥3,300
GleamlightD3 Publisher¥1,980
G-MODE Archives 12 Night HikeG-MODE¥500
Kawaii Deathu Desueastasiasoft¥500
Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~Rainy Frog¥2,500
Lines XLHook¥299
Outbuddies DXChorus Worldwide¥2,200
PGA Tour 2K21Take-Two Interactive Japan¥6,600
PGA Tour 2K21 Digital DeluxeTake-Two Interactive Japan¥8,250
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break3goo¥3,740
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – RehydratedTHQ Nordic Japan¥3,740
Ultra Hat DimensionRatalaika Games¥500
Zero Straineastasiasoft¥1,000

Available to preload

Games newly available to preload include JUMP FORCE DELUXE EDITION SPECIAL SET which also includes the Characters Pass 2 (¥9,328), the 90s survival horror game Heaven Dust (¥799), the action-platform shooter Hell is Other Demons (¥1,010), the action adventure game Windbound (¥2,950), the puzzle game Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure (¥2,132), and the sequel to CLANNAD – Tomoyo After~It’s a Wonderful Life~CS Edition (¥3,150).

Playable demos

The only trial version this week is for Anime Studio Story from Kairosoft!

Downloadable content

There will be three lots of Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version! DLC available for purchase with the Rock Music Pack for ¥440, Vocaloid Song Pack Vol 5 for ¥550, and the After the Rain song from the Pokémon anime for ¥165. The rhythm based puzzler Touhou Spell Bubble will also receive a Side Story Pack Cirno Edition. The 2nd and 3rd DLC sets for Namcot Collection will also launch (check this post for list of games). My Hero: One’s Justice 2 adds the DLC fighter Mei Hatsume. Minecraft also receives the Jurassic World DLC (see this post).

Sales highlights

100 yen games include Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, Balance Sagashi, Bard’s Gold – Nintendo Switch Edition, Childs Sight, Conduct TOGETHER!, Cubic, Diggerman, FLIP OVER FROG, Fly O’Clock VS Edition, Frederic: Resurrection of Music, Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back, Ginsei Chess, Goonya Fighter, Hollow, Hyper Sentinel, Jan Navi Mahjong Online, Kid Tripp RUN!, NO THING, NoReload Heroes, Risky Rescue, Sky Ride, Tetjis, Timberman VS Edition, Touch Battle Tank SP, and Violett. Visit this page for a full list of every game on sale.

Download ranking

  1. Splatoon 2 (Nintendo)
  2. Obakeidoro! (FREE STYLE)
  3. Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Nintendo)
  4. Human: Fall Flat (Teyon Japan)
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo)
  6. Yo-kai Gakuen Y ~Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu~ (Level-5)
  7. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Nintendo)
  8. Ōkami HD (Capcom)
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo)
  10. Yo-kai Gakuen Y ~Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu~ DX Nyuugaku Set (Level-5)

Notes: All prices listed are inclusive of tax. Purchase your Nintendo eShop cards from here and find out how to play Japanese Switch games here. Check out the full Schedule here for a comprehensive list of all Nintendo Switch games coming to Japan. All past Japanese Switch releases are available here.