G-MODE Archive Series 14 Mystia

Mystia Announced For Switch

G-mode have announced that they are bringing the fantasy adventure RPG Mystia to Nintendo Switch as part of its G-MODE Archives series.

G-MODE Archive Series 14 Mystia

Mystia stars Mina, a magical swordsman, who must regain the peace of the village by defeating all the monsters that seek to destroy both you and your homeland. The first game in the smartphone RPG series, Mystia takes place on the Mystia continent, and features a command style battle system with Mina having access to eight different magical attributes to help you regain the peace of the village. G-MODE Archive Series 14 Mystia releases on Thursday, September 3, 2020, priced at ¥500, and has been given a CERO A rating (suitable for all ages).

G-MODE Archives 14 mystia Introduction Video

The G-MODE Archives consists of past G-MODE smartphone titles ported over to Nintendo Switch. Mystia will mark the 14th title in the series. Read about titles 01-04 (Flyhight Cloudia, Ai to Roudou no Hibi, Kururin☆Cafe, and Beach Volleyball Girl Shizuku) at this post, title 05 (Sukebooo Man) at this post, title 06 (Shijou Saikyou Miyamoto Julia) at this post, titles 07-09 (Love Love Knuckle, Pucchin Puzzle, and Flyhight Cloudia 2) at this post, titles 10-11 (Omatsuri Dukushi and Senbazuru) at this post, and titles 12-13 (Night Hike and Haishin Yotei) at this post.