Japanese Software Charts Week 31

This week’s Japanese software charts sees Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS.Maxiboost ON as the new number one game! Full top 10 below…

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS.Maxiboost ON (PS4) – 123,147
  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) – 56,730
  3. Ring Fit Adventure (Switch) – 37,217
  4. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) – 31,932
  5. Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) – 22,773
  6. Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Switch) – 16,319
  7. FAIRY TAIL (Switch) – 15,447
  8. eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 (Switch) – 13,341
  9. FAIRY TAIL (PS4) – 13,236
  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – 12,801

Notes: Delayed numbers again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Data thanks to Famitsu and is for the period July 27~August 2. Nintendo Switch hardware is at 86,605 units sold for the week (66,512 for the original model and 20,093 for the Nintendo Switch Lite) and Nintendo 3DS hardware is at 776 for the week (47 for the New 3DS LL and 729 for the New 2DS LL). New entries are bolded. Paper Mario: The Origami King lifetime numbers are now 182,508 units after three weeks.

Next week’s Nintendo Switch games include two double packs with The Coma:Double Cut and LA-MULANA 1 & 2, and the Japanese packaged version of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. This week’s full Nintendo-only data will soon be available at this link (usually posted on Fridays) and will include both this week’s numbers and lifetime-to-date numbers.