Feh Channel Recap 2020.8.2

All the Fire Emblem Heroes news from the latest Feh Channel including Pirate’s Pride, update information, and Feh’s Summer Celebration…

The first of two Feh Channel presentations this month. The second will be in mid-August and will focus on the September update. Pirate-themed Special Heroes announced for the game with Tibarn: Shipless Pirate, Brigid: Orgahil Pirate, Geese: A Life at Sea, Darros: Sea Walker, and Veronica: Harmonic Pirates. The Special Heroes Summoning Event: Pirate’s Pride begins August 7. Tempest Trials+ Royal Treasures (with Darros) begins August 8.

August Update Information – Improved portrait display for taller screens, More arena maps, and Summoning pool changes. Affected events in the summoning pool changes will be New Heroes Summoning Events and Special Heroes Summoning Events where certain 5★ Heroes will no longer appear in them. The affected Heroes will instead reappear in Weekly Summoning events beginning today. New weapons to refine for Hector, Celica, Ephraim, and Veronica in September.

Finally, Feh’s Summer Celebration with – 1. Feh’s Summer Celebration Log-In Bonuses, 2. Summoning Event: Hero Fest! and 5 First Summon Tickets, 3. Feh’s Summer Celebration Reward Maps, 4. Feh’s Summer Celebration Quests, 5. Daily Bound Hero Battle and Summoning Event Revivals, 6. Bound Hero Party Quests, 7. 2x EXP & SP Events, 8. 5x EXP & SP Events, and 9. Feh’s Summer Celebration Orb Packs. The Hero Fest features Bernadetta, Nagi, Ephraim & Lyon, and Sothis.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Aug. 2, 2020)