Quickfire Q&A with Rabbit & Bear Studios!

Eiyuden Chronicle

Japanese Nintendo: Is Eiyuden Chronicle intended as a one-off or would you like to make it a series?

Murayama: For now we need to focus on making Eiyuden Chronicle a great game but after that, I would love to make games that expand the game world.

Which is one of the reasons why we went to Kickstarter and are enlisting the help of fans. This will allow us the chance to own our IP and take it freely in whatever direction we want to.

Suikoden III

JN: With Konami owning the Suikoden IP – would you consider a new entry if they approached you?

Murayama: Genso Suikoden will always be a game near and dear to my heart. I was only one creator of many that worked on the franchise but if there ever was an opportunity to support the development I’d love to help.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

JN: One of the most exciting things about Nintendo Switch is the ability to play games in TV mode or in Portable mode. However, a lot of JRPGs suffer from too small text in Portable mode. Will this be taken into consideration for Eiyuden Chronicle?

Murayama: Our initial goal is PC but depending on how much we can raise we can expand the game to other hardware as well and of course we would love to get the game out for Nintendo hardware. It may require some creative solutions, however.

Game Boy Wars Advance 1+2

JN: Finally, if you were asked to work with any Nintendo IP, which one would you prefer?

Murayama: I dig squids (Splatoon)

Komuta: I love Fire Emblem so much. But it’s pretty much perfect and I’d have nothing to offer so I’ll go with Advance Wars

Kawano: Big red hat, that slightly uncomfortable smile, says “who-hooo” a lot.

Murakami: A new Zelda game using pixel art please!

Many thanks to Takako Asayama of Rabbit & Bear Studios for making this possible.