Zoids Wild Infinity Blast Announced

Takara Tomy Arts have announced an all-new Zoids game Zoids Wild Infinity Blast for Nintendo Switch release this Winter in Japan…

A new Zoids Wild title was previously revealed as coming to Nintendo Switch (see this post) last month, but is now confirmed as Zoids Wild Infinity Blast. The game is scheduled for Winter release and features not only new Zoids such as Rising Liger appearing, but it has also added the ability to modify Zoids, which greatly increases the volume! More information is in CoroCoro Comic, which is out today in Japan (purchase a physical copy at this link).

Infinity Blast is of-course the second Zoids title to release for Nintendo Switch. The first was the 3D fighting game Zoids Wild King of Blast which released on February 28, 2019. An English localisation doesn’t exist. King of Blast saw reasonable commercial and critical acclaim upon release, and was one of my personal top 10 games of the year for last year. I reviewed one of the earlier Zoids games Zoids Wild on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console back in 2014.

Zoids Wild Infinity Blast has been added to the Schedule page alongside the 3D dungeon RPG Yomi wo Saku Hana which has been given an October 15 release date (see this post for more details), the newly announced  real-time cooking action battle game Tabe-o-ja (see this post for more details), the Switch port of the 3D point-and-click action adventure game Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ (see this post for more details), and several other digital only titles.