Ace Piloting Is a Must!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

The “Ace Piloting Is a Must!” tournament begins this Friday (July 17) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring only pilot fighters…

Ace Piloting Is a Must!

This tourney features fighters who are also pilots and stages that also have vehicles! The further you advance, the better the spirit you’ll win!


From July 17, 2020, at 15:00 JST until July 20, 2020, at 15:00 JST


Time Limit2:30
FS MeterOn

Available Fighters

Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Falco, Zero Suit Samus, Oliver, and Wolf.


Rainbow Cruise, Corneria, Venom, Big Blue, Figure 8-Circuit, Halberd, Lyle Cruise, Port Town Aero Dive, Pirate Ship, Spirit Train, Mute City SNES, Mario Circuit, and Pilotwings.