Final Sword Coming to Switch

HUP Games have just published the 3D open world action-RPG Final Sword on the Nintendo Switch eShop priced at ¥1,890.

Final Sword

Final Sword is an open world action-RPG which is already available on smart devices and is now available for Nintendo Switch. The game sees you acquire various skills and magic on your journey in order to defeat the legions of evil monsters who are out for blood… your blood! The Switch version is priced at ¥1,890 and requires 2.8 GB to download. Languages supported are Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Check out a quick summary of the game’s story below along with the Switch version promo video.


100 years ago, the country in which the game is set was founded by two legendary heroes. The protagonist was born in the peaceful Laurel’s village, nestled deep inside the country. However one day the peace was broken as evil monsters invaded your village. Even more urgent for the main character is that his mother has suddenly got an idiopathic disease. You must venture forth into the outside world to get the herbs necessary to heal your dying mother, and slay the many evil monsters that are baying for your blood.