Darius Cozmic Revelation

Darius Cozmic Revelation Announced

Taito have announced the shoot ’em up collection Darius Cozmic Revelation for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 release this Winter.

Darius Cozmic Revelation is the official name for Darius Cozmic Collection 2 and will contain the 3D shoot ’em ups G Darius HD and Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX+. Check out the teaser website here and details of the included games below…

G Darius HD

G-Darius is the sixth game in the Darius series and the first to use 3D polygonal graphics. It originally released in the arcades back in 1997 and has been ported to both PlayStation One and PC. In storyline, G-Darius is a prequel to the original 2D Darius game from 1986 and plays similarly with two dimensional gameplay, despite its 3D visuals.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle originally released in the arcades in 2010 and is a remixed version of Dariusburst which released the previous year for PlayStation Portable. Another Chronicle EX released in 2011 as an expanded version of Another Chronicle and was later included as an extra mode in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game allows for up to four players to play simultaneously, the first in the Darius series.

The original Darius Cozmic Collection released for Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2019, containing many 2D games from the series, and is available in both AE (Arcade Edition) and CE (Consumer Edition) versions. A free update earlier this year added the PC Engine version of Darius Plus, the SNES version of Super Nova, and the Genesis version of Sagaia.