Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated

Nintendo have updated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to Version 3.3 where you can save outfits and select a pose when taking photos!

Save your Favourite Outfits!

Any outfit you have on can be designated a Saved Outfit!

You can quickly change into a Saved Outfit at any time.

If you’re part of the Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion Plan, you’ll be able to save up to 10 additional outfits!

Strike a Pose!

When taking a Fave Photo, tapping on yourself or an animal will allow you to select a pose.

There are new poses, too.

Have fun trying them all out!

Outfits Made Simple

You can now change animals’ outfits from the Clothing page in your inventory and the Contacts list. If you are subscribed to the Happy Helper Plan, you can also change your camp caretaker’s outfit from the Camp Caretaker Info menu.

Other Updates

· The number of bugs, fish, fruit, and other items that can be saved in the Collected Items screen has been increased to 510.

· For Pocket Camp Club Happy Helper Plan members, Gyroidite and crafting materials, such as wood, that your camp caretaker cannot pick up due to inventory limits will be automatically converted to bells in the Camp Caretaker Report.

· Catchphrases for some animals have been adjusted.

· Adjusted the rates of lost item requests at campsites.

· Adjusted certain design elements of some screens.

To celebrate the update, the following items have been sent to your mailbox.

· Leaf Ticket × 20


· The Saved Outfits screen pictured is the version for Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion Plan members. Non-members can only save one outfit. Member benefits add an additional 10, for a total of 11.
· Though Furniture & Fashion Plan benefits have been added, there is no change to the plan price.
· You can find more details for Pocket Camp Club by selecting Pocket Camp Club in the Menu 

· Regarding posing for Fave Photos, there may be times when it is not possible to change a pose, such as when an animal is reacting to a piece of furniture.

· See below for details about the increase to item limits in the Collected Item screen.
■ Max Inventory Space from Leveling Up
 450 → 510

Your max inventory space will increase by 10 at each of the following levels:
· Lv125
· Lv130
· Lv135
· Lv140
· Lv145
· Lv150

If you have already reached these levels, your inventory has already been expanded.

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt On Now!

The Harmony Scavenger Hunt is happening right now!

Collect lots of bebop gyroidite and you’ll be able to craft quite the musical items!

You can also get some bebop gyroidite at Shovelstrike Quarry!

To help you get started, there is also a Gyroidite-Jammed Pack available for purchase now!