Mad Rat Dead Announced For Switch

Nippon Ichi Software’s mystery new release is a rhythm action game called MAD RAT DEAD which releases this October on Nintendo Switch!

This rhythm game × side-scrolling action game releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on October 29, priced at ¥7,678 for either the physical or digital versions. MAD RAT DEAD sees players take charge of the experimental rat Mad Rat who has escaped his cage and seeks revenge on all human life.


Players must dash through the levels, jumping over obstacles, and attack enemies throughout the numerous stages, while aiming for a high score, and all with cheese as a reward at the end of each one! The game world is full of cartoon-like visuals, adding to the the overall experience of the player.


MAD RAT DEAD is directed by Yu Mizokami, who is better known for the Yomawari survival horror series. Seven musical artists are involved in the project, including DYES IWASAKI, Camellia, a_hisa, and others. You can listen to several song samples on the game’s official website with the game’s first promo videos added below…

MAD RAT DEAD Promo Video 1
MAD RAT DEAD Promo Video 2

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