Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game Announced

Square-Enix have announced the rhythm action game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory for worldwide release on Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Melody of Memory is the first rhythm action game in the Kingdom Hearts series and is scheduled for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release as well as Nintendo Switch, later this year. Many characters from the Kingdom Hearts series will be playable with several guest Disney characters also helping out. 

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will include more than 140 songs covering both the Kingdom Hearts series as well as numerous Disney songs. Four gameplay modes will be included such as online battles, with the game supporting between one and two players. The suggested retail price is to be determined.

In other series news: the card battling game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is scheduled for release on smartphones on June 22. Check out the official website for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory here and announcement trailers for both Melody of Memory and Dark Road, plus a Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer below.

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