Nintendo Apply For POKETOON Trademark

Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc., and Game Freak Inc. have applied for a POKÉTOON trademark (商願2020-65459) in Japan. Full details below…

The 311 product services include the expected (“Produce broadcast programs”, “Provide entertainment”, and “Provide videos online”) under the “Education and entertainment” category, as well as multiple variations on “Video game programs” under the “Machinery and equipment” category, plus a sizeable amount of merchandising items which are listed under the categories “Precious metal”, “Paper”, “Leather”, “Furniture”, “Household appliances”, “Textiles”, “Clothing”, “Sewing goods”, “Toys”, and “Processed food”.

POKÉTOON is the name of the new vintage Looney Tunes style Pokémon cartoon which premiered on June 4 in Japan over on its Pokémon Kids TV channel (and added below) with its only episode to date entitled ‘Chase the Beans’ which starred the Pokémon Scraggy and Mimikyu.

This is the second consecutive week for new published trademarks by Nintendo with last week’s post including for both GAME BOY ADVANCE and Wii U among its seven applications.

The filing date of the POKÉTOON trademark was made on May 27, 2020, with the application published today in Japan (June 16, 2020). Check back for the actual application to be added to the post once it’s been uploaded. Edit: and added!