Jump Rope Challenge

Jump Rope Challenge Now Available!

Nintendo have released the simple game Jump Rope Challenge on the Nintendo Switch eShop as a free download for a limited time.

Jump Rope Challenge is a simple game and can be downloaded for free. It was created by a few Nintendo developers in a short time using Unity while working from home in Japan to add quick and fun physical movement into their daily life. Nintendo hopes that it will help alleviate the lack of exercise during the Stay at Home period. Grab a pair of Joy-Con controllers and take an active break in your day by jumping rope!

The game can be played with 1-2 players. Nintendo Switch Lite owners will require separate Joy-Con (L/R) to be able to play. It’s only available on the eShop from Tuesday June 16th until Wednesday September 30th, 2020. 78.0 MB is required for the download with the languages supported being Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

By using a pair of Joy-Con controllers and imagining them as the handles of a jump rope, players can virtually jump rope every day. It’s all the fun of jumping, but there’s not a rope in sight! Two household members can jump in and play together to try to reach a high score, with each person holding one Joy-Con. With hopping bunnies as the characters, simple menus and no tutorials to jump through, it’s quick and easy to learn the ropes and get started.

The aim of the game is to try and skip 100 times a day with each player’s scores saved to the console, and which can be challenged again and again. For those who aren’t able to jump, or are worried about disturbing the downstairs neighbours, players can bend their knees or move their arms to play the game without creating any noise. Check out some Jump Rope Challenge smartphone wallpaper here and check out the Japanese website here.