Tower of Goetia

Tower of Goetia Ending Service

Appirits have announced that the service will end for the Switch version of the fantasy online RPG Tower of Goetia on November 30.

The browser version (and presumably PlayStation 4 and Vita versions) of Goetia: Sen no Majin to Mugen no Tou (to give it its full Japanese name) end earlier, on September 29. All versions will see the end of sales for the in-game currency Shinriki (Divine Power) on June 29 along with the inability for new users to register a new profile for the game.

Tower of Goetia features real-time RPG battles where you can co-op with other players for up to 10 players on a team. An auto-battle option is included for players who aren’t up to scratch. The browser version has been operating for approximately four years with the game coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2017, and Switch on April 25, 2019.

Those who want to try the game before it’s removed can download it at this page. Basic play is free and you can find out how to set up a Japanese account and play Japanese Switch games over at our Guide. Just 58.0 MB is required, although the game only supports Japanese text. Support for the sister game Goetia Cross will continue on browser and smartphones. Promo video for Tower of Goetia added below…