Sekai no Asobi Taizen 51 Pocket Edition

Nintendo have announced a free Pocket Edition for Sekai no Asobi Taizen 51 (51 Worldwide Games / Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics).

Sekai no Asobi Taizen 51 Pocket Edition includes four games (Dominoes, Four-in-a-Row, President, and Slot Cars) and can be played either single player or multiplayer by local communication (online play is not possible) an unlimited amount of times. Also, you can play all the battle games if one person has the product version.

Both the full game and demo will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 5. Pre-order the packaged version at this link and check out the Japanese website at this link. Also, check out the previous introduction video here and the TV commercial here. Introduction for the Pocket Edition added below…