Wedding Bell Bliss On Now!

The Wedding Bell Bliss seasonal event and Lottie’s Wedding Expo garden event are both now on in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Check out the full details of both below…

Wedding Bell Bliss

Collect wedding-bell ornament and get wedding-themed items!

There is also a Wedding Bell Bliss Pack with wedding-bell ornament for sale!

Lottie’s Wedding Expo

Catch lots of ringwings to have a wedding-themed party in the camp!

Seeds in the First Half

You can only get one type of seed during the first half of this event.

The pale bloomtonnieres are the flowers for the first half. When these bloom, they may attract pink ringwings or green ringwings.

For further details on how to play, see below.

How to Play

Garden events are held in your campsite’s garden.

Note: Flowers that bloom and creatures that appear may be different than those pictured.

Catch lots of the rare creatures you’ll find in the garden and give them to the animal hosting the event!

Catch enough to complete a task, and you’ll receive an event-exclusive item.

Note: Items pictured are examples. Actual items may change depending on the event.

Complete all the tasks and at the end you’ll get to view an extra-special ending!


Get event-exclusive seeds!

Note: Actual seeds may be different than those pictured.

Note: Actual seeds may be different than those pictured.

During the event, as you complete animals’ requests, you’ll occasionally get event-exclusive seeds.


Grow event-exclusive plants!

Plant the seeds you get and then wait for the flowers to bloom!


Catch rare creatures!

When event-exclusive plants begin to flower, sometimes they’ll attract rare creatures.

Catch the creatures with your net!
Sometimes they’ll get away.

But keep trying!


Catch lots of creatures to get items!

Catching rare creatures will raise your task count.

Catch enough and you’ll clear your task and be able to get an item from the host animal.

Pro Tip

Cooperating with Friends Leads to Good Things!

You can share your rare creatures in your friends’ gardens.

Catching a creature that was shared with you will still raise your task count, even if you already had it!

Cooperating with friends and sharing a lot are the keys to success.

Aim for Completion

Note: Items pictured are examples. Actual items may change depending on the event.

Want to Make Fast Progress?

Try Flower Food!

Using flower food will reduce the time it takes to grow plants.

If you can’t wait for your flowers to bloom, use flower food!

If you don’t have flower food, you can also use Leaf Tickets to have Lloid fertilise your plants for you!

Lloid Can Help!

When you want to be sure to catch a rare creature you can have Lloid catch them!
Use Leaf Tickets to ask Lloid for help, and he will definitely catch them for you!

If you need help, don’t forget you can ask Lloid!

Get Help From Your Camp Caretaker

During the event, your camp caretaker will gather rare creatures.

Note: Different creatures from those pictured may appear.

· Having a camp caretaker is a benefit of the Pocket Camp Club Happy Helper Plan.
· Check out the Pocket Camp Club for details.

Enjoy the Event

Trade Event Plants for Items!

You can trade the event plants you harvest for some nice items!
You might even get some items that can help during the event too, like flower food or event-exclusive seeds!

Note: Items pictured are examples and may change depending on the event.

There are also items you can only get by trading, so don’t forget to trade!

For more information, talk to Lloid!

Hard Tasks

· You can attempt hard tasks once you’ve completed all initial tasks. 
· Hard tasks are higher in difficulty than other tasks.
· When you complete hard tasks, you will earn recolored versions of the event rewards. 

Note: Items pictured are examples and may change depending on the event.

Pop Quiz: Natural Ceremony

Pop Quiz: Natural Ceremony is on now! Try designing a nature-themed wedding! Make it a celebration to remember! Try lots of furniture combinations, and don’t give up!