Nintendo Apply For Toy Patent

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a Toy patent (商願2020-078592) in Japan, which intends to prevent damage to an IC tag even when the outer surface is made of a relatively soft material.

Patent summary

The requisites of the application are a stuffed toy with an outer surface and a filler. The bottom portion of the stuffed toy is a flat surface with an IC tag attached to this area, which has been reinforced, and a decorative area.

The reinforced area must have a hardness that is harder to bend than the IC tag therefore prevents the IC tag itself from bending. The outer material is a second material which is softer than the first material. The reinforced area is sandwiched between the cover and decorative areas.

The user then holds the bottom portion of the stuffed toy over a reader / writer or sits the bottom of the toy on the reader / writer. The tag information can then be read or rewritten.

As written in the opening paragraph: this patent aims to prevent damage to an IC tag even when the outer surface is made of a relatively soft material. This is achieved by the reinforced area offering protection to the IC tag inside the toy.

Other notes

It’s assumed by the editor that this 26 page patent pertains to the Yarn Yoshi amiibo which released in 2015, largely due to the original application date of March 31, 2015 for a similar patent (商願2015-71694) which was subsequently rejected by the Japan Patent Office. 

The filing date of this particular patent was February 25, 2020, with the application published on May 28, 2020.

The inventors are listed as Kenichiro Ashida, Emi Makiuchi, Yasuhiro Inoue, Yasuhiro Inoue, and Yusuke Kaneda.

The application makes reference to a prior Konami Co., Ltd. application (商願2002-306835) which was for a “Game device with running body” (and pictured here). The Konami patent however gives no consideration to where the base portion can be formed of a relatively soft material.

Select images


The select images above include (i) a non-limiting example of the present invention, looking at the side view appearance of the toy, (ii) front, top, bottom, and rear illustrative views of the toy shown in the first image, (iii) a sectional view of the first image, (iv) an illustrative view of the IC tag (and side), (v) illustrative views of the tag and label surfaces of the IC tag, and (vi) an enlarged cross-sectional view of the toy.

Thanks to anon for help with the above. The full application can be found at this link. Read about another recent Nintendo Co., Ltd. patent application -for a quality of life device- at this post.