Pokémon Sword & Shield Mystery Gift Campaign

A Mystery Gift Campaign is running in Pokémon Sword & Shield for four weeks with gifts including Galarian Mr. Mime, Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Corsola, and Galarian Meowth. Full details below…

1st week (May 22~May 29)

Players will receive Galarian Mr. Mime, Lure Ball, Heavy Ball, Moon Ball, and Dream Ball.

2nd week (May 29~June 5)

Players will receive Galarian Ponyta, Level Ball, Fast Ball, Love Ball, Friend Ball, and Beast Ball.

3rd week (June 5~June 12)

Players will receive Galarian Corsola, Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Chipped Pot, Cracked Pot, Whipped Dream, and Sachet.

4th week (June 12~June 19)

Players will receive Galarian Meowth, 50 Big Nugget, and 100 EXP. Candy L.

Nintendo also reiterated that the first Expansion Pass pack, titled The Isle of Armor (or “Yoroi no Kotoh” in Japan) is still scheduled to release by the end of June with the original videos shared again below…