Ninjala Postponed, Plus More News

GungHo have postponed the release date of Ninjala from May 28 to June 25 in Japan and May 27 to June 24 in the west, due to the coronavirus affecting the final stages of development. Check out more recent news below…

In other news: the Tokyo Game Show 2020, scheduled for September 24~27, has been cancelled with an online alternative being considered, CEDEC 2020 will now be online only from September 2~4, Nippon Columbia have announced the cutesie Gesshi~zu Mori no Chiisana Nakama-tachi (Rodents 2) for Switch release, Iroha will be available as DLC in SAMURAI SPIRITS from May 14, and Ultra Instinct Goku will be available as DLC in Dragon Ball FighterZ from May 22.

And in site news: the release schedule should be up-to-date, although it includes games already released in May. The consoles and games pages have also been updated with lifetime sales up to March 31, 2020. Finally, my other site Toad Town has been updated with a new Toad (more coming soon), a news page, and soon some merchandise links. I shall also be updating the Ko-fi page more, so please consider supporting. Thanks for reading!