Jigsaw Masterpieces Releases on Switch

BottleCube have published their first game for Nintendo Switch with the digital jigsaw game Jigsaw Masterpieces available now on the Switch eShop for just ¥100, with five additional DLC packs also available. More details below…

The three included puzzles are Puppies and Kittens, St Isaac’s Cathedral, and Dolomites, with all three jigsaws playable in three different sizes/difficulties, and six selectable background colours. Auto-save is included, and English language is supported.

The five additional packs are Masterpieces of World – Renaissance -, Masterpieces of World – Baroque -, Cute Lovely Cats, Cute Lovely Dogs, and the pictured Kawaii Cute Goddesses. The first four packs are each priced at ¥300 with the Kawaii pack priced at ¥400.