Famicom RPG Heading to Switch

After recently resurrecting the Soldam, Penguin Wars, and Ninja JaJaMaru-kun brands; City Connection’s next efforts are with something much more obscure, with the sci-fi RPG Hoshi wo Maru Hito, originally releasing on the Famicom back in 1987.

Originally published by Hot-B, a prolific 80s publisher known for quantity over quality. In-fact, Hoshi wo Maru Hito is regarded by many as one of the worst games of all time, earning it the tag of “Densetsu no Kusoge” (legendary shitty game).

Whether City Connection aim to change this or simply revel in it remains to be seen. You can soon find out for yourselves as Hoshi wo Maru Hito launches worldwide on the Nintendo Switch eShop this Summer priced at ¥980 / $9.99.