Ciella’s Wrath Added to The Agito Uprising!

Ciella’s Wrath has been added to The Agito Uprising (high-difficulty quests where you’ll face powerful foes from a new organisation) in Dragalia Lost! New 6★ weapons, which can be crafted using materials earned by defeating Ciella, has also been added. Purchase the Dragalia Lost Official Art Book at this link.

■ New Agito Series Weapons

Powerful new 6★ Agito weapons have been added under Crafting. You’ll be able to use materials obtained by defeating Ciella to craft wind-attuned weapons with skills that switch effects each time you use them.

You must have first obtained specific weapons before you can craft weapons using materials obtained from Ciella.
The required weapons are the tier II wind-attuned 5★ weapons that can be crafted using materials obtained from the tempest chimera in Void Battles.

The weapon that is required differs based on the weapon type for the weapon you wish to craft. You can check the requirements by selecting Materials for the Ciella weapons on the Craft tab under Crafting.

・Agito weapons cannot be dismantled.
・Difficulty levels for Ciella’s Wrath and tier II and higher enhancements for Agito weapons will be added in the future.

Players must have completed Chapter 10 / 6-3 (Normal) of the main campaign and any of the Standard difficulty Advanced Dragon Trials to participate.