Dr. Mario World Character Update

Nintendo and LINE’s update of the Dr. Mario World game at 15:00 JST / 23:00 PT will add the characters Dr. Lakitu, Dr. Goomba Tower, and Assistant Parabomb as well as World 15, where you can now play stages 561 through 580. The Special flying ? blocks event has also returned for a limited-time. “Newly Added Doctors & Assistants” video added below along with the new characters’ special skills.

Dr. Lakitu’s Stage Mode Skill is changing 1 object into handy boxes at random and his Versus Mode Skill is hiding 1 virus in opponent’s stage in clouds. Dr. Goomba Tower’s Stage Mode Skill is selecting 10 locations at random and eliminating objects at those locations and their Versus Mode Skill is selecting 3 locations at random and eliminating objects at those locations. Parabomb’s Skill (same for both Stage and Versus Mode) is granting a 15% chance 2 exploders will appear on stage start.