Announcing Gala Dragalia!

Gala Dragalia will start on April 24 in Dragalia Lost! The initial appearance rate for 5★ adventurers and dragons will be boosted to 6%, which is up from the standard 4%! If you get a 5★ summon or 5★ featured summon, the appearance rate will return to the initial 6%. The featured Gala Dragalia dragon, Mars, is detailed below along with the event trailer. In related news: Ciella’s Wrath will be added to The Agito Uprising on April 28. Purchase the Dragalia Lost Official Art Book at this link.

Gala Dragalia dragon:


A dragon famed for being the strongest in history.
A hundred kingdoms were razed by his fires,
which is why humans dubbed him the Blazewyrm.
He later forged a pact with Leonidas and allowed
himself to be twisted by the power of alchemy.

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