Summon Showcase, Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes, Is Coming Back!

A Summon Showcase, Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes, is returning to Dragalia Lost on April 20, 2020! The Summon Showcase will once again feature limited-time adventurers. Featured adventurers will also have boosted appearance rates! Get a closer look at the featured limited-time adventurers Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica below. Purchase the Dragalia Lost Official Art Book at this link.

Featured adventurers:


The popular and kind prince of Altea, who cares
deeply for his friends. He has the blood of the
hero Anri in his veins, and wields the divine
sword Falchion. Despite having saved his entire
country, he’s personable and down-to-earth.


One of the princesses of the Ice Kingdom Nifl.
She met Alfonse when fleeing her country after
it was conquered. She’s kind-hearted, loves her
family, and believes in honoring debts—but she
also despises those who ruined her home.


A taciturn girl from another world, and the
princess of the Emblian Empire. She’s cold by
nature and does not believe in showing mercy
to her enemies, but also cares deeply for her
brother, whom she has missed for some time.