Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+

Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Marth: Altean Prince, Caeda: Talys’s Heart, and Minerva: Red Dragoon are featured as part of a 5★ summoning focus. Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs! Bonus Allies, Grand Hero Battle Revival – Linus: Mad Dog, Special Maps: Rival Domains, Mjölnir’s Strike: Rest period, and Arena Bonus Heroes detailed below. Purchase the Fire Emblem Heroes Summoner’s Guide at this link.

Bonus Allies

Check out the bonus allies for the Tempest Trials+: Iote’s Return event! Bonus allies get increased HP and stats and earn double experience and SP in battle—and they grant you a score bonus! It’s the perfect time to build up these characters!

Grand Hero Battle Revival – Linus: Mad Dog

30th Anniversary Grand Hero Battle Revivals are now live! There will be a series of battles every two days. Today, Linus: Mad Dog is back, along with some limited-time quests!

Update – Special Maps: Rival Domains

This week, you’ll earn a bonus for defeating foes with cavalry allies. Create a brigade and try to destroy the enemy fortress! For instructions and tips on Rival Domains, see the in-game notification.

Mjölnir’s Strike: Rest period

Mjölnir’s Strike: Rest period is now active. Battles have come to a close…for now! How did the Kingdom of Askr fare? Don’t forget to collect your rewards if you played! Use the downtime to improve Midgard’s Shield and strengthen the Heroes on your defensive team.

Arena Bonus Heroes

Announcing the bonus Heroes for the Arena season starting April 21! Train up your Heroes before the season changes!