JALECO License Catalog Website Opens

City Connection have opened up a JALECO License Catalog website for business partners looking to use the Jaleco IP for games, goods, events, and collaboration for game design using the IPs. Check out the full list below…

64th Street: A Detective StoryAction1991
Aeroboto / Formation ZShooter1984
Avenging Spirit / PhantasmAction1991
Bases LoadedSports1987
Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher / Bio Senshi DanAction1987
Battle Unit ZeothAction Shooter1990
Best Bout BoxingSports1993
Big RunRacing1989
Brawl Brothers / Rushing Beat RanAction1992
Captain FlagAction1993
CarrierAction Adventure2000
Chimera BeastShooterUnreleased
Cisco HeatRacing1990
City Connection / CruisinAction1985
Desert WarShooter1995
Dragon SeedsSimulation1998
E.D.F. Earth Defense ForceShooter1991
Earth Defense Force / Super E.D.F.Shooter1991
Field CombatShooter1985
Fortified ZoneAction Shooter1993
Game Paradise / Game TengokuShooter1995
Ignition Factor / Fire FightingAction1994
Kick OffSports1988
MetalMech: Man & MachineAction Shooter1990
Ninja JaJaMaru-kunAction1985
Ninja KazanAction1988
Operation: Logic BombAction Shooter1993
P-47 AcesShooter1988
P-47 The Phantom FighterShooter1995
Pinball QuestPinball1989
Pizza PopAction1992
Plus AlphaShooter1989
Psychic 5Action1987
Racket AttackSports1988
Rival Turf / Rushing BeatAction1992
Rock’n TreadMusic1999
Saint DragonShooter1989
Second Earth GratiaShooter1996
Sky Fox / ExerizerShooter1987
Stepping StageMusic1999
The Astyanax / The Road Of KingAction1989
The Peace Keepers / Rushing Beat ShuraAction1993
Totally Rad / Magic JohnAction1990
Tuff E Nuff / Dead DanceFighting1993
Whomp ‘Em / Saiyuki World 2Action1990
Wild PilotShooter1993
Yokai Club