Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel Recap

In news from the latest Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation: April 20 marks the 30th Anniversary of the series and will see 30th Anniversary Log-In Bonus, Grand Hero Battle Revivals, Reward Maps. Free 5★Hero: Fire Emblem Leads, Packs, Quests, Special Heroes: Summoning Event (including Marth, Caeda, and more), and Tap Battle: History Unveiled. Next update adds Limited Hero Battles (beginning April 13), Lost Lore: Spoils (beginning April 27), Fortress (O) Low-Tier Tuning Adjusted, and Rarity Changes. A change to New Heroes Summoning Events beginning April 8 which adds Rinkah, Lilith, Midori, and Forrest from Fates. New feature allows you to choose a focus Hero from that event for free on your 40th summon on that event. Fire Emblem Heroes Facebook page opens. And end.