Friday Update:ARMS Now Playable For Free, Plus More News!

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ARMS is now free to play for the next week for Nintendo Switch Online members with the “Battle for Stardom” Party Crash event taking place this weekend featuring Spring Man vs. Ribbon Girl. Yesterday’s top story was an ARMS rep joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in June.

● For the full list of games from the Nintendo Direct mini (Japanese broadcast) from yesterday, including the video, go to this post. Not all titles have been covered in the daily updates due to time restraints.

● Konami opened up the official website for eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 which confirmed amiibo support for the title. No mention of which amiibo, but Simon and Richter are logical answers. The game launches July 9 in Japan with yesterday’s trailer posted here.

● Compile Heart announced that Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale will launch for Switch and PS4 in Japan on August 27 priced at ¥8,360 for physical, ¥8,030 for digital, and ¥10,560 for a limited edition. Check out the first image of the game’s protagonists here.

● Bandai Namco Entertainment opened up websites for Pro Yakyuu Famista 2020 here, Mr. Driller Encore here, and Namcot Collection here. Japanese trailer and box art for the Mr. Driller game (which launches on June 25) are posted here. Japanese trailer for Famista (which launches in 2020) posted here.

● In more Namcot Collection news: the game is confirmed for June 18 release and will be a free download with Wagyan Land included. Further titles will be priced at ¥330 each with a physical release confirmed priced at ¥2,640 and including all 10 additional titles (Pac-Man, Galaga, The Tower of Druaga, Battle City, Star Luster, Family Jockey, Yokai Dochuki, Dragon Spirit, Quinty (Mendel Palace), and Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti). Rakuten will also be offering a bonus (unknown at present) title. Promo video and box art posted here.

● Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming horror adventure game Yoru、Tomosu (Light up the Night) which releases on July 30 for Switch and PS4 will be priced at ¥7,678 for either physical or digital. Check out the main artwork and a first look at the game’s characters here.

● The Japanese website for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, which launches May 29, is now open at this link with the standard edition and “Collector’s Set” box art both posted here and trailer posted here. A new epilogue adventure, Future Connected will also be playable immediately when you begin the game, even if you haven’t finished the main story.

● Nintendo opened up the official website for 51 Worldwide Games, which launches June 5, with the box art posted here (and yesterday’s trailer posted here).

● The full patch notes (and trailer) for yesterday’s huge Version 1.2.0 update for Ring Fit Adventure are posted here.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate saw the beginning of the new pink spirit event with the full list of spirits including Paula, Wario-Man, Hinawa, and Sukapon detailed here.

● The Japanese website for Catherine Full Body for Nintendo Switch is now open here. The game launches on July 7 with trailers and box art posted here.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will see Gigantamax Copperajah, Charizard, Garbodor, and Duraludo appear more frequently in Max Raid Battles until April 28. There’s also more details from “The Isle of Armor” Expansion Pass at this post along with a couple more videos.

● The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Version 4.0.0 patch notes and update trailer are posted here.

● The teaser website for Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren 5plus Fortune Tower to Unmei no Dice (Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate) has opened here. The game launches later this year. Japanese trailer posted here.

● The recent GOD EATER 3 Version 2.50 update will be the game’s last. The promo video for the update is posted here.

SAMURAI SPIRITS will add Sogetsu Kazama as playable DLC on April 2 priced at ¥660. Introduction video posted here.

● Bandai Namco Entertainment updated Ninja Box to Version 1.4.0 adding an online contest mode and much more. Full (Japanese) patch notes posted here.

Splatoon 2‘s Spring Online Tournament qualifying league match for the 5th Splatoon Koshien will take place tomorrow from 19:00-21:00 JST. The National Finals are pencilled in for April, although of-course this could change.

● Amazon Japan are now re-stocking Fit Boxing with a bonus sweatband. Purchase the game here.

● Spike Chunsoft updated Portal Knights in Japan with the “The Druids, Furfolk, & Relic Defense” DLC now available for ¥1,100.

● Kadokawa Games updated the Switch version of LoveR Kiss to Version 1.02 with many bug fixes detailed in the (Japanese) patch notes posted here.

● AQUASTYLE updated the latest Fushigi no Gensokyo -Lotus Labyrinth- to Version 1.12 with a number of changes detailed in the full (Japanese) patch notes here.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is again on top of the Nintendo Switch eShop charts in Japan with a 100 yen Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Special topping the 3DS charts. Check out the full top 10 for both systems here.

● Forever Entertainment will be publishing Panzer Dragoon: Remake on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (April 2) with the English launch trailer posted here.

● Petit Depotto will be publishing Gnosia on the Japanese Switch eShop on April 30 priced at ¥2,050. Japanese trailer posted here.

● GungHo Online Entertainment will be publishing Ninjala on the Japanese Switch eShop on May 28 (the west will get a day earlier) as a free download. Japanese trailers posted here.

● Ullucus Heaven announced that action puzzle game Puchitto Cluster will release digitally for Switch and PS4 in Japan on April 2 priced at ¥500. Introduction video posted here.

● Shadow dropping on the Japanese Switch eShop this week included Shinsekai: Into the Depths from Capcom for ¥1,980 (trailers here), a Bravely Default II Demo Ver. from Square-Enix for free (trailer posted here), Good Job! from Nintendo for ¥2,000 (trailers posted here), the the sports game LOCO-SPORTS from Starsign for ¥800, DOOM 64 from Bethesda Softworks for ¥580, Wanba Warriors from Zodiac Interactive for ¥769, and the music action game Yumeutsutsu Re:Idol ~Ohtori Ai no Chara ga Shujinkou Toshite Ususugiru Ken ni Tsuite from Kogado Studio for ¥500 (it’s currently just ¥100!). Check out the full list of games available this week at this post.

● Announced just before the eShop updated thus not technically shadow dropping was the 2D platformer Duck Souls+ from Ratalaika Games priced at ¥510 with the Japanese trailer posted here.

● Rainy Frog announced the 2D adventure game Piczle Cross Adventure will release on the Switch eShop on April 9 priced at ¥1,000 with preloads now live. Japanese trailer posted here.

● Chorus Worldwide announced they will be publishing the shoot ’em up Rigid Force Redux on the Japanese Switch eShop this Summer. Japanese trailer posted here.

● Coconut Island Games announced tHat the eSports simulator eSports Legend will release on the Japanese Switch eShop on April 2 priced at ¥1,280 with preloads now live for ¥1,088.

● Butterscotch announced they will be publishing the platformer maker Levelhead on the Japanese Switch eShop on April 30 priced at ¥2,050 with preloads now live.

● GungHo America updated the Switch version of Grandia HD Collection to Version 1.01.01 which fixes the bug where selecting [Language: Japanese] and [Audio: English] made it impossible to progress further into the game.

● Taito have added Original Pack DLC to Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! priced at ¥1,650 and including 10 challenging songs.

● The 14th experimental battle “Super Untouchable Goonya Fighters” is now live in Goonya Fighters adding an invincibility item.

● The Tangledeep “Dawn of Dragons” DLC is now available for Switch in Japan priced at ¥536.

● The niconico app has updated on both 3DS and Switch where the function to watch live broadcasts has been removed.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw Spring Bugs and Fish arrive adding yellow butterfly, purple butterfly, fruit beetle, cherry salmon, killifish, tadpole, carp, mantis shrimp, squid, butterfly fish, and spring mackerel pictured here. Also available are Lottie’s Fortune Teller, Lottie’s Movie Night, Lottie’s 2020 Runway, Lottie’s Playground, and Lottie’s Hotel Lobby challenging classes in Happy Homeroom.

Dr. Mario World saw the rate for doctors appearing in staffing increased by 1.5x until March 30. A Virus Event is also now live where eliminating viruses will net you in-game rewards including a Staff Ticket for eliminating 2,000 viruses.

Dragalia Lost saw the 1.5-year anniversary celebration begin with the full list of events posted here including Platinum Showcases, Gala Dragalia, Limited-time packs, a daily free tenfold summon event, log-in bonuses, Champion’s Road Campaign endeavors, stickers, and several upgrade events. The game also updated to Version 1.18.1 yesterday.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Summoning Focus: Heroes with Even Wave skills today featuring Shannan: Wielder of Astra, Selkie: Free Spirit, and Osian: Scolded Soldier. Yesterday saw Lost Lore begin, along with the Mjölnir’s Strike: Brace phase, and the Guardian Herons map added to Tactics Drills: Grandmaster. New weapon skills and weapons to refine with Inveterate Axe (Gunter: Inveterate Soldier), Candied Dagger (Gaius: Candy Stealer), Blue-Crow Tome (Ursula: Blue Crow), and Gleipnir (Eirika: Anamnesis Lady) are coming in an update in April.

Mario Kart Tour players were invited to partake in a new survey with feedback wanted on the game updates and multiplayer satisfaction. Example questions posted here.

Super Mario Run saw the return of the Bonus Medals x 1.2 in Remix 10! event with a better chance to get some of the Super Bonus Game’s rare items.

● This week’s full Nintendo-only Famitsu software and hardware charts with new entries for both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend Of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 is posted here. The most recent Famitsu Most Wanted is also up here with Bayonetta 3 as the new number one!

My Nintendo added an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wallpaper reward for free. Check out the desktop version here (the smart device versions are a different design). Check out the full list of rewards available in Japan at this page.

● Both Nintendo TOKYO and Kirby Café Tokyo will be closed this weekend due to changes in the business from the coronavirus pandemic.

● The week’s Weekly Famitsu review scores included ibb & obb with 29/40, Dezatopia with 32/40, Factotum 90 Double Walkers with 27/40, and Lumini with 28/40. Check out the full list of Switch review scores from the past three years here. I’ve also posted the third Famitsu advert for Animal Crossing: New Horizons here. Next week’s physical issue will come with a Fire Emblem: Three Houses school calendar!

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T) stock increased today by +670 (1.59%) in Japan to close trading for the week at 40,400.00 JPY.

● WayForward announced that Shantae and the Seven Sirens will release for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 28 with a new trailer tweeted here.

● XSEED Games announced that STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town will release in North America this Summer. English trailer posted here.

● Other games from the Nintendo Direct mini which haven’t been confirmed for Japan include Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy from Aspyr which launched on the eShop yesterday. Star Wars Episode I: Racer is also coming soon to Switch.

● Electronic Arts announced the racing game Burnout Paradise Remastered for Switch release in 2020. Japanese language is supported so a worldwide release is expected. Announcement trailer posted here.

● 1C Entertainment will be bringing the RPG Kings Bounty II to Switch in the west this year. Again, Japanese language is supported.

● The rhythm game Fuser from Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band, is coming to Switch this Fall.

● The Splatoon 11 comic book is now available and can be purchased here.

● A second video of Yoiko (Game Center CX’s Shinya Arino and Masaru Hamaguchi) playing Ring Fit Adventure and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch here.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 character trailers for Shanks, Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), and Eustass Kid here.

● A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Mankey promo video here.

● The third teaser movie for Working Zombies here.

● A 60 second promo video for The Wonderful 101: Remastered here.

● A promo video for the Switch version of Seven Knights ~Jikuu no Tabibito~ here.

● Japanese trailers for BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands Legendary Collection, and XCOM 2 Collection here.

● A promo video for Inuwashi~Urabure Tantei to Ojou-sama Keiji no Ikebukuro Jiken File~ here and Gothic Murder -Unmei o Kaeru Adventure- here.

● The introduction video for Dragon Quest Ⅹ All In One Package version 1-5 here.

● The English Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Accolades trailer” here.

● The Olympia Soiree Act 4 gameplay video here.

● The Japanese launch trailer for One Step From Eden here.

● Japanese trailer for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters here with the game scheduled for August 6 priced at ¥2,100, and where development is currently 80% complete.

● Introduction video for SEGA AGES G-LOC AIR BATTLE here.

● The English Trials of Mana demo trailer here.

● Introduction video for the Mamotte Knight 3 “Waveform Memory Sound Source Pack (GB & WS)” DLC here.

● A 30 second commercial-style promo video video for Bokuhime PROJECT here.

● A Dandy Dungeon -Legend of Brave Yamada- collaboration video with Nobuo Uematsu here.

● The “Cryo Chapter” – Cavalry Captain Kaeyavideo for Genshin Impact here.

● The opening movie for Kitsune ga Boku o Matte Iru The Fox Awaits Me here.

● Cecil gameplay video for Uta no☆Prince-sama♪Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE for Nintendo Switch here.

● Japanese trailer for The Shapeshifting Detective here.

● An instructional video for Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version! here.

● A DLC trailer for Moving Out here.

● And a Steam trailer for BARON: Fur IS Gonna Fly here.

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