Kusakihara Explains Why Dimitri Wears an Eyepatch

In a recent interview with Nintendo Dream magazine, Intelligent Systems’ Toshiyuki Kusakihara attempts to explain why Dimitri wore an eyepatch after five years in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass side story stating that “The eyepatch is a symbol of having had a painful experience.” Read his full reply below, translated for us by BlackKite. Purchase physical copies of Nintendo Dream here – use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off all physical orders above $20!

ND: Please tell us the details on how Dimitri gets to wear an eyepatch after five years.

Kusakihara: Actually, we didn’t really have him wear an eyepatch from the beginning. When Kurahana-san made up the designs, I said “Is it okay to add an eyepatch?” That’s where it started. We have a foundation at the beginning to make the post-timeskip designs for any characters show an overall change on a broad range. We hoped the lifestyles they had taken during the five years could exude from their looks as well.

Dimitri’s eyepatch is also an idea that came out with such thought. That’s why he doesn’t wear an eyepatch only in the Crimson Flower arc where you stick with Edelgard. It shows how the experience he had wasn’t as terrible as other routes. The eyepatch is a symbol of having had a painful experience.

(Caption: In the Crimson Flower arc, the Kingdom conspired with the Church and was not invaded by the Empire, so both of Dimitri’s eyes are also still intact. Fans will want to thoroughly look at that even though he ends up becoming the enemy!?)