Exit the Gungeon Updated Details

Dodge Roll Games have updated Exit the Gungeon to Version 2.0.2 on Steam, with the Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade update coming soon! The next patch is also in the works with several requested control options. This update delivers several gameplay changes and improvements as well as a few bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below…

Gameplay Changes / Improvements

  • Charged weapons now automatically begin charging whenever they’re equipped; discharge them by pressing (or releasing) the fire button. This means you can continue to press and hold fire to use charged weapons (like in ETG), or if you just repeatedly press the fire button, they will shoot when ready
  • Fixed an issue where some guns could be fired faster than intended when the fire button was pressed rapidly, which caused both game imbalance and cramped trigger fingers
  • Added interaction outlines to the doorways in the Marine’s second elevator to indicate that the player needs to enter a room to continue
  • When in a windowed mode, the mouse cursor now locks to the window unless the pause menu is open
  • Improved makeshift cannon and sling, especially against bosses
  • Changed the names of many guns to match their ETG counterparts
  • Casey will reflect ownerless projectiles (notably bullats); reflected bullets/enemies will also fly faster and with more force

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a camera soft lock issue in minigames
  • Bandana Bullet Kin now has the correct Diginomicon entry for most languages (will require new localization for the remaining languages)
  • Fixed an issue where “Windowed” and “Windowed Fullscreen” modes were swapped in the options
  • Fixed an issue caused by pausing during the load screen transition
  • Fixed an issue with ultrawide monitors and Winchester’s Original Game
  • Fixed an issue in Winchester’s Original Game where targets were suspended in midair
  • Fixed an issue where starting items for unlockable characters could show as locked in the Diginomicon even when equipped
  • Fixed an issue with charged gun sounds
  • Fixed audio levels for some sound effects
  • Fixed a rare graphical glitch with the diginomocon
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