This Week’s Japanese Switch Releases

This week’s line-up of games releasing in Japan include the pictured My Hero: One’s Justice 2 from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Collar×Malice from Idea Factory, Just Dance 2020 from Ubisoft, Toraware no Palm Refrain from Capcom, Winning Post 9 2020 from Koei Tecmo Games, Gothic Murder from Orange, NinNinDays from qureate, A Street Cat’s Tale from CFK, and more, including the physical Human Resource Machine Deluxe. Post to be updated.

Nintendo Switch Retail

Boku no Academia One ‘s Justice2 (Bandai Namco Entertainment) ¥8,360

Collar×Malice for Nintendo Switch (Idea Factory) ¥7,700

Just Dance 2020 (Ubisoft) ¥6,380

Toraware no Palm Refrain (Capcom) ¥3,900

Toraware no Palm Refrain Deluxe Edition (Capcom) ¥6,900

Winning Post 9 2020 (Koei Tecmo Games) ¥8,580

Nintendo Switch Digital

Boku no Academia One ‘s Justice2 Deluxe Edition (Bandai Namco Entertainment) ¥10,340 (🇯🇵)

Bokura no School Battle+ Motto Asoberu Pack Set (SAT-BOX) ¥1,900

Gothic Murder -Unmei o Kaeru Adventure- (Orange) ¥1,200

Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! + Touhou Arrange Pack Bargain Set (Taito) ¥6,500

MISTOVER (Dr.Faust Set) (Arc System Works) ¥3,658

NinNinDays (qureate) ¥800

Noraneko Monogatari (CFK) ¥880

SPEEDWAY RACING (Starsign) ¥800

Arcade Archives Kiki Kaikai (Hamster) ¥838

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