Summon Showcase: Dragon Special!

The next Summon Showcase: Dragon Special kicks off in Dragalia Lost at 6:00 AM UTC on February 20, 2020! The appearance rates for featured 4★ and 5★ dragons will be boosted. Get a closer look at some of the featured dragons below…

Featured Dragons:


A dragon who favors honorable combat, and the
guardian of Apollonia. Daily skirmishes are held
in that city, as fighters seeking honor and glory
struggle to cultivate their skill and discipline
through friendly competition.


A cheerful, singing dragon who lives on the
shore. Though her songs have a reputation for
sinking ships, that actually has no basis in fact.
In reality, she just loves singing, and would
never wish harm or ill on anyone.


A dragon who is at home among darkness and
shadow. He fells his foes utilizing an arsenal
of unique skills. The first ninjas of Hinomoto are
said to have learned their techniques from him.

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