A Hero Rises 2020 Online Vote Results

Announcing the results of the A Hero Rises 2020 online vote in Fire Emblem Heroes! The eight finalists will appear in the in-game Voting Gauntlet: A Hero Rises 2020 Finals event starting Feb 28, 7 AM UTC. Eight Heroes made it this far—but only one can be crowned champion and gifted to all players!

  1. Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade
  2. Alfonse: Askran Duo
  3. Sothis: Girl on the Throne
  4. Leif: Unifier of Thracia
  5. Sothis: Silver Specter
  6. Azura: Vallite Songstress
  7. Alm: Saint-King
  8. Edelgard: The Future
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