Summon Showcase, Dulcet Delights!

The next Summon Showcase, Dulcet Delights, begins on February 14, 2020 in Dragalia Lost! This summon showcase features the limited-time adventurers Meoldy and Addis and a new dragon Epimetheus! Profiles and video added below…

Featured adventurers


Melody throws on her best outfit for a Valentine’s
date! Despite being accident-prone as ever,
she’s still an optimistic kind of gal. She baked a
host of treats for you-know-who and filled them
with love, but will her feelings be reciprocated?


The warrior from another land throws on his
(only) nice outfit for a romantic rendezvous!
He’s working hard to share his feelings, but his
green attempts at courtship lead to distress.
Still, his awkward kindness drives some wild!

Featured dragon


A lonely dragon that awakened to the power of
darkness. His three older brothers showed him no
affection, leaving him starved for love. This
yearning grew twisted, reducing him to a being of
calamity that his siblings had sought to prevent.

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