Tempest Trials+: Romance Whirlwind

A new Tempest Trials+ event, Romance Whirlwind, has begun in Fire Emblem Heroes. Clear event maps to earn rewards! The big rewards this time are 5★ Special Hero Silque: Selfless Cleric and three Sacred Seals: Defiant Spd 1, Even Atk Wave 1, and Close Guard 1. Daily Summoning Event Day 7, Bound Hero Battle: Tana & Amelia, and Special Maps: Rival Domains update detailed below…

3rd Anniversary Daily Summoning Event, Day 7

Daily Bound Hero Battle summoning events will be held for 18 days straight in honor of our third anniversary! Day 7 features Heroes from Bound Hero Battle: Tana & Amelia. Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs!

3rd Anniversary Celebration! Daily Bound Hero Battle Revival

There are daily Bound Hero Battle Revivals for the 3rd anniversary! From the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones game, Tana and Amelia are back in Special Maps for Bound Hero Battle: Tana & Amelia! Take on high-difficulty maps and complete Bound Hero Party quests!

Update – Special Maps: Rival Domains

This week, you’ll earn a bonus for defeating foes with infantry allies. Create a brigade and try to destroy the enemy fortress! For instructions and tips on Rival Domains, see the in-game notification.

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