Monster Hunter Primal Crisis Live!

The Monster Hunter Primal Crisis (Strangeland in Japan) event is now live in Dragalia Lost featuring the Showcased Adventurers Hunter Vanessa and Hunter Berserker. Form a pact with Rathalos, earn exclusive Monster Hunter-themed in-game rewards, and equip familiar weapons from the Monster Hunter universe. Event artwork, adventurer profiles, and videos added below…

Hunter Vanessa

Vanessa the hunter, clad in a set of Kirin gear.
She and her adorable Felyne companion venture
through streams, woodlands, and volcanoes in
search of prey. And as a bonus, she’s picked up
some fine new lance skills from Elisanne!

Hunter Berserker

Berserker the hunter, clad in armor wrought from
the legendary Rathalos. Having deemed the beast
a worthy adversary, he set out to take it down
that he might truly know what it is to feel alive.
The hunt promises to be his ultimate satisfaction.


The Black Dragon of legend from another world.
Its name has been whispered in fearsome tones
since antiquity, for it is said to have razed entire
kingdoms in but a night. Such stories were
thought more faerie tale than truth, and yet…

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