Flames of Reflection Returns to Dragalia Lost

A Summon Showcase and facility event revival, Flames of Reflection, have both returned to Dragalia Lost for a limited-time. Please note that players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign to participate and in order to play co-op in the facility event. Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers and dragons for the summoning event below…

Featured adventurers:


The middle child of the blacksmith sisters,blessed with the ability to manipulate the temperature of flames. Gruff yet responsible,she leads her sisters in honoring their father’s legacy with unyielding passion.


The eldest of the three blacksmith sisters, and the smithy’s de facto owner. Responsible despite her laid-back nature, she imbues mana into theforge’s finished weapons, smiling warmly all the while.

Featured dragon:


A hot-blooded dragon whose mastery and knowledge of smithing is matched only by the joy he feels in sharing it with humans. The former coach of the blacksmith sisters’ father, he spends his days honing body and mind in a volcano.

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