Dragon Quest X Updated to Version 5.1

Square-Enix are updating Dragon Quest X Online Version 5 (Dragon Quest X Ibara no Miko to Horobi no Kami Online) to Version 5.1 on Nintendo Switch and Wii U on 29 January, with a huge number of changes detailed below, and which have been translated for us by BlackKite. Please credit Japanese Nintendo if posting any part elsewhere.

The adventure takes place at lands related to the Great Demon King Madesagora

The first update for Version 5 -5.1- will allow you to walk further into the hinterlands of Demon World. That place used to be a region governed by Madesagora. This place, which used to boast of its glory under the rule of the Great Demon King, has now become a dangerous land filled with conspicuously powerful miasma.

[Remains of Illusion City Gora]

The Great Demon King Madesagora used to govern the Illusion City Gora in the past. After receiving catastrophic damages due to miasma, only a few traces of it still remains now.

[True Illusion Palace]

The True Illusion Palace is enshrined at the innermost part of Gora. A few number of survivors huddle together here and are currently making a living together with objects of art owned by the late ruler.

Inside the palace, you can ask the demon tribe about the temperaments of the late Madesagora.

Numerous works left behind by Madesagora still exist in this land. By progressing your journey, you may be able to view amazing works.

Peperogora, who inherits Madesagora’s blood, appears!

In Version 5.1’s story, it’s not just about the place of adventure; characters deeply related to Madesagora will also appear. This time, we would like to introduce Peperogora, who is the grandson of the Great Demon King.

Voiced by Ayumu Murase

I shall welcome you with my great arts!”

Peperogora is the grandson of the Great Demon King Madesagora. He injects his passion into arts, just like his grandfather who had an artistic temperament. He never ceases believing in his own artistic sense, and he also sometimes draw pictures irrespective of the situation, but he is treated by people around him like a ‘bad kid’.

Perhaps due to a difference in senses, the people of Gora often couldn’t understand his works which are treated not as arts but instead as doodles.
Although he inherits the blood of the Great Demon King, he doesn’t seem to be interested in politics or unifying the Demon World. He only aims to [become an artist who] ‘surpasses his great grandfather’.

The 3 strong countries are finally clashing

In Version 5.1, the adventure doesn’t only focus on the Illusion City Gora; A war also breaks out between the 3 strong countries at the forefront of the Demon World: Magic Country of Zecles, Bardista, and Falazard. We’re now introducing Ojalos and Rantel, characters that can be met in the midst of the war.

Elgadora is the mother of the Demon King Asbar from the Magic Country of Zecles
Bardista is ruled by the Demon Queen Valeria
Yushka is a traveler in the Demon World

Voiced by Wataru Takagi

Ojalos, whose name is registered in Zecles’ royal family, is the uncle of the Demon King Asbar from the Magic Country of Zecles.

Voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki

Rantel is a Demon Tribe girl living in Falazard. She gets protected by the protagonists when she is being assaulted by monsters.

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