Forging Bonds: Beyond Blood

Forging Bonds: Beyond Blood is here in Fire Emblem Heroes! Grow close to the event Heroes to get accessories, First Summon Tickets, and a conversation featuring Larcei, Shannan, and more! You can also earn 2 Orbs once per day for up to 7 days. New Heroes: Heir of Light, Tactics Drills: Skill Studies, and Winter Orb Promo detailed below…

New Heroes: Heir of Light

Larcei, Shannan, Ced, and Altena from the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War game have appeared as New Heroes. There are also new story maps in Book IV, Chapter 3: Gullinkambi, limited-time quests, and a Log-In Bonus where you can get up to 13 Orbs. Introduction video and official artwork posted here.

New Tactics Drills!

A new map—Heroes, Astra and Wind—is now available in Tactics Drills: Skill Studies! Check it out in Story Maps to test your skills!

Winter Orb Promo

Two Special Orb Promos are now available!
・Special Orb Promo: January – 21 Orbs + bonus of 6,000 Hero Feathers
・Winter Orb Promo – 30 Orbs + bonus of 20,000 Hero Feathers
You can check out the duration and details by visiting the Shop menu.

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