Nippon Ichi Acquire SystemSoft Alpha

Nippon Ichi Software have announced that they have opened a new subsidiary label called SystemSoft Beta, which succeeds SystemSoft Alpha. SystemSoft Alpha are known for the WWII strategy game series, Daisenryaku, with one of the more recent entries, Daisenryaku Perfect 4.0 (pictured), releasing for Nintendo Switch last year.

The first Daisenryaku game, Gendai Daisenryaku, released for the NEC PC-98 in November 1985 when the company were simply known as SystemSoft. Other games released by the company include the Super Famicom game, Barbarossa and Master of Monsters, which saw release on a number of platforms including Playstation and Sega Saturn. Nippon Ichi’s Kouichi Kitazumi will run SystemSoft Beta.

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