So Comfy! So Cool! Spirit Event

A new “So Comfy! So Cool!” spirit event has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning on this Friday (27 December) and lasting for three days. Spirits wearing shorts are keeping it casual on the Spirit Board in this event! Defeat them in battle to earn extra snacks. The Legend-class Ninten, Pyra, Giga Mac, and Claus will also appear at set times. Full list of spirits added below…

Giga Mac

Pyra, Giga Mac, Claus, Ninten, Mario (Mario Tennis Aces), Spring Man, Saki Amamiya, Mr. Sandman, Lloyd, Luigi (Mario Tennis Aces), Roll Caskett, Shop Assistant, Isa jo, Andy, Murch, Octoling, Sharla, Don Flamenco, Bald Bull, Milly, Ryota Hayami, Lin, Piston Hondo, Glass Joe, Postman, and Kid.

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