Game Freak’s New Year’s Message

“Happy New Year. In 2019 we were able to release Pokémon Sword & Shield, the newest title in the Pokémon series. We offer our sincerest gratitude to all players around the world for playing it. As we approach the new year, the whole staff of Game Freak would like to tighten our bodies toward another new challenge. We look forward to your cooperation in 2020 too.”

As originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1622. Many thanks to BlackKite for the translation!

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  2. In case Game Freak admit feedback… if that challenge is to make a new version of Sword/Shield, I hope that at least this time you demand Pokemon Company and Nintendo to give you time to properly develop the game.

    You’ve receive lots of worldwide complains (even going as far as demanding Masuda’s firing) but it seems that no one notices that Sword/Shield were mediocre because Pokemon Company and Nintendo pressed you to finish the game at full speed, they divided your team giving the 8th generation to the smallest and they cut the budget, all that to focus on Pokemon Masters because PC and Nintendo DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT FOR SWORD/SHIELD WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE PRIORITY.


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