Fire Emblem Heroes Content Update

Today’s Christmas Eve content update to the Fire Emblem Heroes game sees two Special Heroes Revivals: Winter’s Envoy and Gifts of Winter, along with pre-registration for Røkkr Sieges. Full details posted below…

Special Heroes Revival: Winter’s Envoy

Special Heroes with presents are back in this Special Heroes Revival. This event features the Heroes Chrom: Gifted Leader, Lissa: Pure Joy, and Robin: Festive Tactician.

Special Heroes Revival: Gifts of Winter

Special Heroes clad in the same festive colours as yours truly are back in this Special Heroes Revival! This event features the Heroes Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly, Eirika: Gentle as Snow, and Fae: Holiday Dear.

Røkkr Sieges: Pre-registration Open!

Røkkr Sieges begins 26 December! You’ll face shadowy Røkkr that have taken the shape of Heroes such as Ishtar. Be sure to tap Events, followed by Røkkr Sieges to pre-register now.

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