This Week’s Japanese Switch Releases

This week’s line-up of games releasing in Japan include the pictured SAMURAI SPIRITS from SNK, Ninja JaJaMaru Collection from City Connection, Override: Mech City Brawl – Super Charged Mega Edition from 3goo, Star Fox 2 from Nintendo, Famicom Wars from Nintendo, Gensou SkyDrift from UNTIES, Gunlord X from eastasiasoft, Mochi A Girl from Mediascape, and more. Check out the current list of games below and look out for the full line-up complete with prices and artwork later in the week.

Nintendo Switch Retail

BQM BlockQuest Maker COMPLETE EDITION (Wonderland Kazakiri) ¥2,480

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (H2 INTERACTIVE) ¥4,950

Headliner:NoviNews (Chorus Worldwide) ¥1,600

Megaquarium (Chorus Worldwide) ¥3,040

Ninja JaJaMaru Collection (City Connection) ¥3,980

Override Kyodai Mecha Dairantou Super Charged Edition (3goo) ¥4,620



Star Wars Pinball (Game Source Entertainment) ¥4,818

Nintendo Switch Online

Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe (Nintendo)

Star Fox 2 (Nintendo)

Famicom Wars (Nintendo)

Route-16 Turbo (Sunsoft)

Nintendo Switch Digital

ANIMUS Harbinger (TROOOZE) ¥960

BATTOJUTSU (CareuX) ¥500

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Techland) ¥2,200

Dauntless (Phoenix Labs) ¥0

Dead End Job (Headup Games) ¥1,320

Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition (astragon) ¥3,960

Gensou SkyDrift (UNTIES) ¥2,980

Golf Peaks (Flyhigh Works) ¥500

Gunlord X (eastasiasoft) ¥1,500

Mochi A Girl (Mediascape) ¥2,750

Ouriku no Hasha X (CIRCLE Ent.) ¥1,000

Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess (CFK) ¥1,650

Riverbond (Cococucumber) ¥2,480

Sacred Stones (CFK) ¥990

Sea King Hunter (Cosen) ¥1,000

STAY (CIRCLE Ent.) ¥1,350

Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (Digital Bards) ¥1,500

Arcade Archives Frogger (Hamster) ¥838

Nintendo Switch Retail Only

Biohazard Revelations Collection Best Price (Capcom) ¥4,389

Hollow Knight (Fangamer Japan) ¥4,400

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